This Firefighter has Taught Thousands of Poor Pakistanis How to Read

Not content with only saving people from burning buildings, this Pakistani firefighter has also spent decades saving children from illiteracy–and entrenched poverty–by teaching thousands to read, write, and do math.

Every workday for 30 years, Mohammed Ayub has left his job at an Islamabad fire department and set up a makeshift classroom in a city park.

And every day, hundreds of kids wait for “Master Ayub” to arrive on his bicycle so they can learn.

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Waiter’s Response to Customer Eating Without Hands Will Touch The Soul

When a man without hands ordered lunch at a Georgia restaurant, a waiter sat with him throughout the meal, feeding him each bite with a smile.

Waiter Alex Ruiz overheard the man asking a customer for help with something, so he slid into the booth across the table and obliged. The young worker smiled and made small talk as he fed the man his entire meal.

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Chinese Doctor With No Legs Makes Her Village House Calls Using Wooden Stools

An inspiring 37-year-old doctor has been getting from place to place using only wooden stools in place of legs.

Li Juhong’s legs had to be amputated after a car accident in 1983 when she was only four– but instead of feeling despair over the loss, Li was motivated to become a doctor

After acquiring her medical degree in 2000, Li set up a village clinic in Chongqing, China. Since then she has been the caretaker of all 1,000 residents, using two stools instead of feet to get around.

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Son of Warren Buffett is Using Dad’s Billions to Help Feed the World

Even though he was the son of one of the world’s richest men, Howard Buffett struggling throughout his life to become a successful farmer. Now, he’s combining his farming skills with his father’s billions to end world hunger.

Howard’s dad, Warren Buffett is one of the two richest men in America — and made history ten years ago when he gave away the largest ever philanthropic gift, $37 billion, to charity.