About Us

Our Vision

Its the business of each People to start seeing Shining World

Our Mission

Enable People from all walks of life (viz., Politicians, Working Professionals, Senior Citizens, Home Makers, Teachers, Students etc) to develop the habit of seeing, sharing and emulating all that makes World Shining.

We are a Team of Optimistic people with an intention of highlighting the Shining Events around the World. This is a media channel that will be focused only on Shining aspects of People. This channel will only depend on the contribution in terms of article etc from patriotic people who wish to be part of our journey to enable positive minds in the youth of World. We neither sell nor buy any article that will appear in this first of its kind media website. Its a CSR initiative by Ladder Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd that aims at creating awareness amongst Indians to start looking at positive aspects around them. This will be a media website that will truly be for the people, by the people and of the people of World irrespective of their caste, creed, tribe, religion, economic status, gender, age, location, education and occupation.