People help raise a fund for Amanda to fight cancer

Amanda was diagnosed with classical Hodgkins Lymphoma and she was is the stage 3.

She had to quit her job and was looking at 6 months of intensive chemotherapy. She had no backup and her family prayed for support.

Gloom gave way to a shining day as people, strangers contributed their bit and raised a fund to help

Amanda fight the disease and recover from it.

She says she is thankful to the people who gave her the strength and she is fighting the cancer with all the power that she has.

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Will Power - Achmad Zulkarnain

Meet 24-year-old Indonesian shutterbug Achmad Zulkarnain, who's unlike any other human in the world. Born without arms and legs, this young photographer has made his name across the world through his extraordinary work.  

As he walks confidently with his camera, he has come up with some unique methods to operate the camera. He does this by making use of his face, mouth and the extra bit of his skin to snap the photographs. He even uses a laptop for editing his photographs.

His friends call him Dzoel.

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Young at Heart and Soul - Oscar Swahn

Oscar Gomer Swahn (20 October 1847 – 1 May 1927) was a Swedish shooter who competed at three Olympic games and won six medals, including three gold.[1]

At the 1908 Summer Olympics, Oscar Swahn won two gold medals in the running deer, single shot events (individual and team), and a bronze medal in the running deer double shot individual event. He was 60 years old, only a year younger than Joshua Millner, the oldest gold medalist at that time.